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Students of Dietrich Bonhoeffer often see references to the last words Dietrich spoke before going to his execution: “This is the end, but for me the beginning.”

He had been a person of faith all his life. We can’t even identify a time when he first began to believe. But this we do know: He remained a man of faith to his last breath. The end can only be the beginning if God and his promises are true, which is exactly and precisely what Dietrich Bonhoeffer believed.

Those last words could well be inscribed on one’s tombstone but, were Bonhoeffer to choose, I wonder if perhaps he would have opted for words from his prison letter of July 21. “May God lead us kindly through these times, but above all, may God lead us to himself,” he wrote to his friend Bethge.

Above all, may God lead us to himself. This is a perfect prayer to begin a day. . . or end a life. May god so lead you.


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